OBGYN Expert Witnesses

Obstetrics and Gynacology, often abbreviated to OB/GYN, are two surgical specialties that are combined to treat female reproductive organs. An OB/GYN physician covers the entire range of reproductive problems for pregnant and non-pregnant patients.

In a medical malpractice case, OBGYN expert witnesses can review the facts and evidence to determine whether or not there was a departure from the standards of care. If there was malpractice, the OBGYN expert witness can identify the exact instance(s) of malpractice to help you build a strong case for your client. If no malpractice is identified, you can close the case rather than pursuing a time-consuming and costly trial.

Complimentary medical malpractice tips from American Medical Expert's expert witnesses

1) “Experts Recommended for Maximizing Recovery In Obstetrical Cases”

Obstetrician: Whether or not the defendant is a general practitioner or an obstetrician, the standard of care is that of an obstetrician. That expert will testify to the proper standards of care, which were in effect at the time at that size hospital. He will discuss departures from the proper standard of care, if any, on the part of the doctor, nurses, and the hospital.

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2) “Missed Diagnosis of Pre-Eclampsia”

If the patient starts out her pregnancy with 130/70 blood pressure and the 70 changes to 80, it must be looked at, not necessarily treated, but looked at. If the 80 goes up to 85, then you have to be concerned about the possibility of early pre-eclampsia, a high blood pressure condition in pregnancy which can cause damage to the mother and the baby. When there is high blood pressure in the mother, blood flow to the placenta, which nourishes the baby, is impaired and there is a higher risk of the placenta separating from the lining of the uterus (abruptio placenta).

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3) “Tubal Ligation Sterilization Causing Intestine Perforation”

Laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery is performed through a narrow pipe inserted into the abdomen. Either a clip is placed across each fallopian tube, or it is cauterized (burned by the passage of electricity through a segment of each tube, causing it to char and seal).

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