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For a limited time only, our Complete Case Reviews are available for as low as $695. In a Complete Case Review, American Medical Experts’ Senior Medical Consultants will conduct a thorough review of your case and write a detailed report or verbal opinion.

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Our Expert Witness Reports are now as low as $995. In an Expert Witness Report, a Board-Certified Specialist will look over the case details and records and write up a report or conduct a verbal opinion. AME works with experts in all areas of medical specialties Nationwide.

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If you would like to obtain the opinions of several expert witnesses simultaneously, (i.e. if your case requires an Orthopedic Surgeon, Infectious Disease, Cardiologist and a Nurse Expert), we will help contain your costs by providing each additional Expert Witness Report for only $795.

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Postpartum Depression Expert Witness

Postpartum depression is a condition in which mothers who have just given birth to their newborn suffer from a form of clinical depression. Symptoms and signs include excessive crying and emotional instability, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, and/or an inability to care for their new baby. It can last for up to a year or so and is best treated with therapy and medications.

Obstetrics and Gynecology, often abbreviated to OB/GYN, are two surgical specialties that are combined to treat female reproductive organs. An OB/GYN physician covers the entire range of reproductive problems for pregnant and non-pregnant patients.

Obstetrics Nursing Expert Witness

Obstetrics nurses are nurses that are trained to handle any emergency situations that may come up when a pregnant woman is in labor or delivery. They work in conjunction with OB/GYNs to ensure that the pregnancy, labor, and delivery are safe for both the baby and the mother.

Obstetric Anesthesiology Expert Witness

Obstetric anesthesiology is a medical subspecialty of anesthesiology. Anesthesiologists in this field are responsible for making sure that the patient is properly sedated during obstetric surgeries so that she does not experience any pain, discomfort, or lasting effects.

Birth Trauma Expert Witness

Birth trauma includes any and all physical damage to a fetus or newborn’s body structure or function during birth. It includes birth asphyxia. Physicians in this specialty try to prevent and treat this damage.

Birth Asphyxia Expert Witness

Birth asphyxia, also known as intrauterine hypoxia, is a condition that occurs when a fetus is deprived of oxygen. It happens for a variety of reasons, including umbiblical cord prolapse or strangulation, or maternal smoking. It can cause serious problems in the fetus, and can even be fatal.

Fetal Medicine Expert Witness

Maternal-fetal medicine is a branch of obstetrics that treats high-risk pregnancies through medicine and surgery. Physicians in this field of medicine — they are known as perinatologists — monitor and treat conditions in both the pregnant mother and the unborn baby in order to ensure that both can endure the pregnancy and delivery.

Fertility/Infertility Expert Witness

Infertility is a biological condition in which a patient cannot conceive a child. Infertility can also be a state in which a woman cannot sustain a full-term pregnancy. Fertility specialists must understand all of the intricacies of fertility; they often track changes in cervical mucus or basal body temperature to determine periods of fertility.

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